Artificial Grass Can Save Water: A Valuable and Limited Resource

Water is a precious natural resource that many people waste. Authorities and environmental conservation groups encourage people to conserve water by cutting back in every way possible. One effective way to conserve water is eliminating your water-thirsty lawn. While athletic fields, golf courses, and landscaped lawns are aesthetically pleasing and functional, they use a lot of water. Many people are installing artificial grass to reduce their water usage. This turf is green throughout the year and pet-friendly.

Artificial Grass Can Save Water: A Valuable and Limited Resource

How Much Water Can You Save With Artificial Turf?

In a typical residence having about 750 square feet of turf, artificial grass can conserve around 22,000 gallons of water per year.

Synthetic turf can conserve around 40 gallons of water per square foot each year by eliminating the need for water used via household irrigation schemes.

The over 6,000 synthetic turf fields across the U.S. save between 500,000 and a million gallons of water every year. They can conserve around 3 billion gallons or more in a year. The average American needs 100–175 gallons of water each day, meaning the conserved water can help many Americans.

Why Conserving Water Matters

Conserving water by installing artificial grass is important for different reasons, including:

  • Water is a valuable, limited resource: people who’ve lived in drought-affected areas know how precious water is. Even if you haven’t lived in such a location, you may want to value water by conserving it using artificial grass. You may use the conserved water in the many activities that need it, such as cooking, bathing, and cleaning.
  • Save money: a supplier can charge you for the water you use. You can save thousands of dollars every year if you install artificial grass, as you won’t waste water watering it.

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