Our Artificial Turf is an Ideal Solution for Putting Green Turf

Globally recognized as the standard for athletic fields and golf turf, North Texas Luxury Lawns knows that their turf field demonstrates unmatched resiliency and impressive longevity. It can take severe abuse from the strongest, heaviest, and most competitive athletes on the planet and come out on the other side unscathed. When compared other ground surface products, there are several advantages to using synthetic turf.

No More Mud

Moderate to heavy rains can turn the ground to mush. Add to that cleats, ground body impact, and the constant friction of foot traffic, and the chances of grass surviving even a month are almost non-existent. It does not take long before the entire playing field becomes barren, not to mention the mud bath all athletes will be swimming in every weekend.

An artificial turf field is built with impact resistant fibers that resist impact and ground friction. Sports surfaces like football turf will look the same after the game as it did before. There are no more muddy fields, no more grass to grow each year, and no more muddy uniforms. Athletes can now play in almost any weather condition. North Texas Luxury Lawns stays intact and retains its appearance game after game.

Any Sport, Anywhere

North Texas Luxury Lawns works with all types of sports with sustained continuity throughout the entire surface. Unlike grass that requires a recovery period, turf is always ready to use when it is needed. Artificial sport turf will last up to five times longer than an organic surface without the necessity of maintenance or repairs.

For athletic complexes that host multiple sports, artificial turf can endure the rigors of ongoing use throughout the year. It was built to support athletic activity regardless of how harsh. It can handle an Ivy-League rugby match as well as a PGA golf tournament. It offers unmatched versatility and ruggedness to make it ideal for any sports event on a local or national level.

Best for Athletes

Research has shown that synthetic sport turf offers better performance with less chance of injury for players of all ages and abilities. The significant difference in turf versus natural grass is how much traction an athlete can get when the surface is wet? This is important because of the greater the grip on the turf, the less likely that injury will occur from slipping.

With improved traction comes improved performance. Athletes are rarely able to perform at their potential when running on wet grass. Artificial sport turf by North Texas Luxury Lawns gives competitors the edge they need to perform at their peak the entire game. With improved performance comes a more accurate assessment of how the game was played.

A Low-Maintenance Alternative to Grass

A tremendous amount of work and effort goes into maintaining a natural grass field. The costs can add up as well. Fertilizer, grass seed, grading, water usage, pest control, trimming, and tools and equipment can all become costly after multiple rounds of maintenance and care. This does not even include labor costs and staffing. By the time the job is completed, the ground is once again ravaged after the game – only to start all over again. The ground’s surface is not naturally level. It has to be graded after every game to even it out. After grading the field, however, the results are often less than satisfactory. By the time all the work is completed, money and time have been wasted, and the job never ends.

North Texas Luxury Lawns, by contrast, understands that artificial turf presents none of these challenges. There is no grounds maintenance. There are no added expenses. There is no watering, weeding, or extra work. There is also no grading or leveling involved. The turf rolls out even and stays even after every use. Artificial turf by North Texas Luxury Lawns is also pesticide free. Pests cannot thrive on this type of surface. There is no food or shelter for pests that normally require natural turf for survival.

Breaking It Down

Sports of any kind require precision, speed, and agility from the players. Whether it is football, soccer, baseball, or golf, players depend on the ground surface to carry them when they are trying to perform at their best. What artificial sport turf from North Texas Luxury Lawns does for athletes is put them on a playing field in which they can reach their maximum potential and win one for the team.

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