How Artificial Turf Reduces Costs for Your Commercial Property

If you own commercial property or have tenants, you understand the need to stay on the lookout for ways to reduce overhead costs. Artificial turf is one great solution to do just that! In addition to helping you save money, it helps keep your commercial property well-maintained, clean, and safe.

How Artificial Turf Reduces Costs for Your Commercial Property

Eliminates Watering, Mowing, and Fertilizer Expenses

Artificial turf saves on watering expenses because it doesn’t require an irrigation system or supplemental watering during periods of drought or extreme heat. When you install turf, you also eliminate the need for fertilizers and pesticides. You don’t have to worry about mowing either! Artificial grass never needs trimming, so all you need to do is sweep it off regularly and perform periodic deep cleanings with a non-toxic cleaner like OxyTurf.

Stays Green All Year

Artificial turf is a great option to keep your commercial property looking lush year-round without worrying about watering and fertilizing. Since it’s made of synthetic fibers that mimic natural grass in quality and appearance, it looks like the real thing in its ideal state. In some cases, such as during the driest part of summer, turf will actually look better than many lawns in the neighborhood. Additionally, synthetic grass won’t need to be reseeded every few years as many natural lawns do.

Reduces Bugs and Pests

Artificial turf dramatically lowers the number of bugs and pests on your land since it doesn’t provide a food source. This eliminates the need for pesticides entirely. Not only does that make the yard safer for children and pets, but it removes the regular expense of pest control from your budget!

Helps Maintain a Clean Environment

Artificial turf will stay cleaner than natural grass because it doesn’t grow from the earth, attract bugs, or breed bacteria the same way living grass does. When you install artificial turf on your commercial property, your building will stay cleaner as well, since your tenants or customers will track in fewer contaminants from the lawn.

Artificial Turf for Commercial Property in North Texas

If you want to improve the appearance of your commercial property and reduce maintenance costs in the long run, North Texas Luxury Lawns has the perfect artificial turf for your land. Our Luxury Series is residential-rated, pet-friendly, and made of 100% polyethylene monofilament, which means it’s both soft and wearable. Contact our team today for our full range of options.

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