3 Eco-Friendly Benefits of Artificial Grass

Did you know that, in addition to low maintenance and aesthetics, artificial lawns are also better for the environment? If you want to help the planet and keep your lawn looking great, here are three eco-friendly reasons you should consider artificial grass. 

3 Eco-Friendly Benefits of Artificial Grass

1. They don’t need watering.

Artificial lawns look healthy and green year long, regardless of weather. If you’re tired of watering your lawn to keep it from turning brown, an artificial turf lawn may be right for you. In addition to making upkeep easier, not watering your lawn is also better for the environment. Turf is a great eco-friendly option that still manages to look good year round. Artificial lawns also drain better than grass, keeping your yard from flooding during a storm.

2. They help cut down on urban pollution.

Did you know that an estimated 5% of urban pollution is a result of using gas-powered lawn mowers? That may not sound like much, but imagine the difference that could be made if everyone stopped mowing their lawns?  Without the need for weekly trimming during the summer, turf is a great option for saving time and decreasing your carbon footprint, without having to sacrifice having a freshly manicured lawn.

3. They are safer for humans and pets.

Think about all the products we use in our yards. Fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, etc. all might make our lawns look nicer, but these chemicals can be toxic to humans and pets. In addition, when it rains, these chemicals can run into waterways and pollute rivers and streams. Artificial grass doesn’t need any treatments to look beautiful, and is safe for everyone to play in, even our pets. 

If you’re looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly while still having an amazing lawn, contact us today for a free quote. Installing turf is easy, and it pays for itself in both financial and time savings. 

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