Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn without the Hassle and Expense

Have you ever been to a ballpark or golf course that uses artificial turf and wondered how you could have such a beautiful landscape in your backyard? Well, North Texas Luxury Lawns can help you make that dream of your very own urban oasis into a reality.

Switching to artificial backyard turf is beneficial both for you and for the environment. Opting for residential artificial turf adds value to your property by creating an aesthetically pleasing luxury home living area, all while saving you time and money on maintenance. Here are just a few reasons why we love it.

Beautiful Year-Round

Residential artificial turf is extremely pleasing to the eye and can add an effortless touch of luxury landscape to your property that looks and feels the same all year round. At North Texas Luxury Lawns, we use only the highest quality materials to create beautiful, durable lawns. The different styles and colors we have available give you the opportunity to choose the perfect look and feel to suit your taste as well as complement and enhance the existing landscaping features of your luxury property.

Residential Artificial Turf Is Ready For…

All Kinds of Weather

When you live in Dallas, Texas you have a keen understanding of how unforgiving the weather can be. In the spring the weather is volatile, in the summer there are extreme heatwaves, and in the winter there are bouts of freezing rain and storms. It doesn’t matter how much time and money you invest in the eternal struggle to keep your lawn looking beautiful, poor weather conditions affect your lawn negatively. When you switch to an artificial lawn, worrying about the weather becomes a thing of the past. Your turf will look great year-round, regardless of the weather.

Last Minute Entertaining

Your new luxury lawn will allow you to entertain outside in style at a moment’s notice. Invite friends over for a barbecue without giving a second thought to whether the previous night’s rain left your lawn soggy or if it needs to be mowed. The lack of accumulated rainwater also means fewer bugs and mosquitos, making for an all around more enjoyable evening on the patio or deck. At North Texas Luxury Lawns, we take pride in being able to provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes from owning one of our beautiful lawns.

Anytime Relaxation

North Texas Luxury Lawns not only provides you with a beautiful solution for your lawn but our luxury tour putt and luxury pro putt products offer you the unique opportunity of having a putting green right in your backyard. This will not only add a wonderful focal point to any backyard, but will also afford you the opportunity of getting in some much needed relaxation after a hard day’s work in the convenience of your own home. Don’t feel like putting? Your artificial turf backyard is the perfect place to enjoy a cold drink and unwind with your friends or family. And it’s ready anytime you are.

Maintenance and Durability

When you choose luxury backyard turf from North Texas Luxury Lawns, you’re choosing a long-term lawn solution. Our products have a lifespan of 15-20 years. That’s up to two decades of year-round beauty and usability, along with countless hours and thousands of dollars saved on maintenance. While synthetic turf does require some upkeep to ensure a long life, you’ll never need to treat for weeds or cut your lawn again.

If you have pets who use the lawn regularly, you will need to periodically sanitize your synthetic backyard turf. (Check out our FAQs page for more detailed information.) But you won’t have to worry about pets digging or tracking mud and grass into your home.

Smaller Environmental Impact

A common misconception about artificial turf is that the product is bad for the environment. In fact, installing artificial turf can reduce your home’s environmental footprint. No fossil fuels are burned in a lawn mover, grass clippings don’t get added to landfills or wind up in storm drains, and no pesticides or fertilizers are needed to keep it looking healthy. Perhaps most importantly, your artificial turf does not require watering. It is estimated that the average American lawn consumes around 10,000 gallons of municipal water every year. That’s a lot of water that you WON’T be using.

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