Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn without the Hassle and Expense of Costly Ongoing Maintenance.

You may have been to a ballpark or golf course using artificial turf and wondered how you could have such a neat luxurious landscape in your backyard. Well, North Texas Luxury Lawns can help you make your dream of a beautiful urban oasis right in your very own backyard a reality.

We will be looking at all the benefits of switching to artificial backyard turf both for you and for the environment. We’re also going to take a look at how switching to residential artificial turf will add value to your property through creating an aesthetically pleasing luxury home living area on your property.


Residential artificial turf is extremely pleasing to the eye and can, as such, add an effortless touch of luxury landscape to your property that looks and feels the same all year round. Here at North Texas Luxury Lawns, we use only the highest quality materials to create beautiful, durable lawns. The different styles and colors we have available will provide you with the opportunity to choose the perfect look and feel of artificial turf that will not only suit your taste but will also complement and enhance the existing landscaping features of your luxury property.

When you stay in Dallas, Texas you have a keen understanding of just how unforgiving the weather can be at times. In the spring the weather is volatile, in the summer there are extreme heatwaves, and in the winter there are bouts of freezing rain and storms. These conditions become a real headache if you live in a neighborhood where the word of the homeowners association is law. It doesn’t matter how much time and money you invest in the eternal struggle to keep your lawn looking beautiful. Poor weather conditions may affect your lawn negatively. After you switch to an artificial lawn, you will find that worrying about the weather will become a thing of the past. Not only will the homeowners association love you, but you will also be the envy of all your neighbors when your backyard turf looks perfect.

As an added bonus, your new luxury lawn will allow you to entertain outside in style at a moment’s notice. Just imagine if you are, for instance, out at the market and you run into some friends. You can invite them over for a barbeque without giving a second thought to whether the previous night’s rain left your lawn soggy or having to wonder whether the lawn is looking presentable after the landscaping company was there the day before. At North Texas Luxury Lawns, we take pride in being able to provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes from owning one of our beautiful lawns.

North Texas Luxury Lawns not only provides you with a beautiful solution for your lawn but our luxury tour putt and luxury pro putt products offer you the unique opportunity of having a putting green right in your backyard. This will not only add a wonderful focal point to any backyard, but will also afford you the opportunity of getting in some much needed relaxation after a hard day’s work in the convenience of your own garden.

Maintenance and Durability

When you choose a luxury backyard turf from North Texas Luxury Lawns, you choose a solution that not only looks pristine, but also saves you loads of time and money on maintenance. Where it is true that synthetic turf does require some maintenance to ensure a long life expectancy, the time and effort you need to invest is still a fraction of what is needed to maintain a natural lawn. With a luxury synthetic lawn, you will never need to pull out weeds or cut your lawn again, and you will never have to deal with your lawn invading other areas of your garden.

When you have pets, you can finally rest assured that they will no longer destroy your beautiful lawn. If your pets use the lawn regularly, you will need to periodically sanitize your synthetic backyard turf. You can have a look at the frequently asked questions page on our website for more detailed information on the methods and products you need to know about to maintain backyard turf areas frequented by pets. North Texas Luxury Lawns assists you in keeping your artificial lawn beautiful and long-lasting.

At North Texas Luxury Lawns, our products have a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.

Environmental Impact

A common misconception that a lot of people have about artificial turf is that the product has a negative environmental impact. However, when it comes to our lawns, that can’t be further from the truth. To truly understand the nature of the impact that the artificial residential turf supplied by North Texas Luxury Lawns has on the environment, we have to look at the potential impact from both sides. Firstly, we have to look at the impact that natural lawns have on the environment, and then we have to take a look at the carbon footprint of the products supplied by us here at North Texas Luxury Lawns.

The key to identifying the carbon footprint of natural lawns lies in looking at the process of maintenance necessary for the upkeep of traditional lawns. The process can be broken down as mowing, trimming (and disposal of grass clippings), pesticide usage, reseeding (and feeding), and finally watering. Below we will have a look at these activities, and the impact each of them has on the environment, and as a result, we will see what the contextual benefits would be of switching to an artificial lawn for your luxury home

Mowing – Information provided by the EPA points to the fact that a regular push mower, when used for one hour, emits the same amount of pollutants as 11 cars would in the same period of time. When we look at a riding mower’s noxious gas emissions in a one-hour period, we come to the shocking realization that the amount is equal to the amount emitted by 34 cars during the same period of time. Consider the fact that grass is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and that many properties have a very large parcel of lawn to cut on a regular basis during peak growing times. When you have considered both of these issues, we come to the conclusion that homeowners who have a natural lawn have no choice but to produce a huge amount of noxious gas pollution on a regular basis to maintain the appearance of their natural lawns.

Conclusion: By choosing a luxury residential turf instead of a natural lawn, you will help to cut down on your noxious gas pollution and therefore drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

Trimming (and disposal) – The problems created by trimming grass begins with the tools used. Though your average handheld grass trimmer produces far fewer carbon emissions than lawnmowers, they certainly have a negative influence on the scales if you look at the complete picture. Research has found that grass clippings, when improperly disposed of, contribute to the pollution of stormwater systems, rivers, lakes, and even our drinking water. Lastly and quite alarmingly, according to the EPA grass clippings make up a large portion of the solid waste, which ends up in municipal landfills.

Conclusion: By choosing an residential artificial turf you will help to reduce water pollution and help to limit the amount of solid waste, which ends up in your local landfill.

Pesticide Usage – Where it is true that pesticide use is never without risks to both the environment and to people, this is particularly true for pesticides used on natural lawns. Pesticides turn lawns into potential life-threatening areas for our children and pets in the times right after they are applied. Though the fatal threat dissipates soon after for a small child or dog, it can still hold many potential short- and long-term health risks. A further serious implication of the use of harmful pesticides is the very real possibility that the pesticides could leak into the groundwater from where it could potentially make its way into natural water systems and even our drinking water.

Conclusion: By switching to an artificial turf from North Texas Luxury Lawns, you will not only help to keep your city’s water sources clean from contaminants, but you will also ensure the safety of your family and pets.

Reseeding (and feeding) – As we all know, due to the influence of the seasons and other factors beyond our control, if you have a natural lawn the chances are that at one time or another you will have to reseed or liberally apply fertilizer to restore the lusciousness of your lawn. Quite often during this process, a chemical rich fertilizer is used which poses much the same problems as mentioned above regarding the use of pesticides. Research shows that every summer a huge area of the Gulf of Mexico is enveloped by a bloom of algae and phytoplankton. This is due in large part to the massive amount of phosphorous fertilizer and synthetic nitrogen runoff that makes its way into the gulf. When the algae and phytoplankton dies, it causes a large area of the ocean to become uninhabitable for marine life.

Conclusion: By choosing a synthetic lawn you will help to ensure a safer environment for marine life as well as healthy microorganisms in your garden.

Watering – In the context of the water scarcity in recent years, watering has become one of the most hot-button issues regarding natural lawns. It is estimated that the average American lawn consumes around 10,000 gallons of municipal water every year. Apart from contributing to the scarcity of water in the US watering natural lawns facilitate the spread of pollutants and toxins from the grass into the groundwater through drainage and into public water sources and storm-water systems through runoff.

Conclusion: Your luxury synthetic lawn will help to conserve our most precious resource, which is water. Our synthetic lawns have better drainage than conventional lawns meaning that not only will you never have to deal with having a soggy, muddy lawn but your luxury synthetic turf will also contribute to the health of the subterraneous ecosystem under your property. As an added bonus you have the luxury of using some of the water that you save on something like a water feature or even a swimming pool, which could serve to further, enhance the aesthetics and value of your property

When we look at all these hazardous elements of natural lawns it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to synthetic laws as a safer alternative. We here at North Texas Luxury Lawns pride ourselves on offering homeowners in Dallas and the surrounding area with a durable family friendly product that is a safer, more hygienic option for the whole family. Your luxury lawn will not only add value to your property but should you ever want to sell it, will also help to attract buyers to your property.

We hope by now you have a better understanding of all the benefits afforded to you when you switch to a synthetic lawn by North Texas Luxury Lawns.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. North Texas Luxury Lawns is happy to offer you a free consultation about your properties today.