Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn without the Hassle and Expense of Costly Ongoing Maintenance.

North Texas Luxury Lawns is in the business of installing luxury turf to your commercial business property. Our signature commercial lawns are tremendously popular because our expert services are not only high-quality but beneficial for your business. We offer a wide variety of lawn options, then we measure and install according to your specifications. Once your new commercial lawn has been laid down, there is very little maintenance work required.

Our environmentally sustainable practices are a major reason why more and more businesses want to install North Texas Luxury Lawns for their property. We have installed our turf in conference center landscaping, retail stores, office landscaping, walkways, playgrounds, and more. Whether you are looking for playground turf, outdoor carpet turf, or a beautiful commercial lawn – we have it all.

Your Options: Playground Turf, Outdoor Carpet Turf, Commercial Lawns

  • Our Signature Designer Ultra is known as a playground turf with thick, short and smooth synthetic grass. Like all of our lawns, this comes with or without brown thatch.
  • Our Luxury Tour Putt is a slim outdoor carpet turf designed to replicate a putting green but is also excellent for use by children on a playground or by cyclists to ride on.
  • Our Signature Series Commercial Lawns are the longest of the batch but are still as dense as our other two varieties. These lawns are the most popular of our products, being installed in over 25 commercial spaces in the Dallas area already.
  • Our Luxury Pro Putt is another great option to replicate a putting green and is especially suited for clipping shots and long iron shots.

Of course, these are just a few of the options we offer. If you are unsure what is best for your commercial property, North Texas Luxury Lawns is happy to give you a consultation.

No matter what your measurements are, North Texas Luxury Lawns is your best bet financially and aesthetically. Of course, the aesthetic value is obvious: our commercial lawns are pristine. As you will notice, our turf varieties are all built with a very strong support system that keeps the turf firmly in place for years to come. Our specially designed rubber base is what keeps the turf looking strong year after year.

Why Choose Artificial Turf or Lawns for Your Commercial Property

Having a well-kept lawn is a sign of professionalism on your part. An attractive lawn enhances the area around your establishment and allows you to stand out from your competitors. From this perspective, a North Texas Luxury Lawn gives your business a much more upscale look.

Not only that, a commercial lawn or an outdoor turf presents a welcoming space for your customers to walk through and enjoy. For example, let’s say that you are the owner of a retail store. After a free estimate with North Texas Luxury Lawns, you decide that you want to install outdoor turf in front of your establishment with outdoor patio sets for your customers to enjoy. After installment and very little effort on your part, you notice a higher amount of traffic now than in the past – this is because you have now given your customers an appealing place to stop, rest, and enjoy the view.

Similar scenarios have happened with many of our clients – they find that they are getting more compliments on their luxury lawns, attracting more clients, and setting themselves apart from their competitors in a very tangible way. Making these kinds of pragmatic decisions improves your aesthetic presentation. Not only is your commercial lawn or turf more beautiful, but it is also more professional.

Save Time, Money, and Commercial Resources

Another major benefit of investing in a North Texas Luxury Lawns is that you will save the time, money, and commercial resources that you would normally use to maintain a real lawn.
Water is a major cost when it comes to real grass lawn care, and your water usage probably accounts for 70% of your water bill. This also applies if you are watering the landscaping project that you paid to have designed. That is a double cost. If you have a real grass lawn, there is also the cost of mowing the lawn about once a week. Mowing comes with hidden costs for the gas and mower maintenance every once and a while. Not to mention the fertilizer andchemical pesticides you will need to keep your real grass lawn looking and feeling as good. However, a North Texas Luxury Lawn will look good all the time without any upkeep.

Installing artificial turf means that you are drastically cutting down the resources you would have wasted on regular maintenance and still get to keep the appealing look of a freshly manicured lawn.

A lot of effort goes into the maintenance of a commercial lawn. However, these are costs that you no longer have to account for once your outdoor turf carpet or playground turf is installed. With North Texas Luxury Lawns, a one-time payment is all we require to install your commercial turf or lawn. They also last much longer than other lawns.

Environmental Sustainability

The North Texas Luxury Lawns advantage comes down to two simple aspects of our business: excellent service and environmentally sustainable practices. Our team of experts will be there to guide you from the moment you contact us until the last piece has been installed and beyond. We pride ourselves on adapting our skills to the needs of our customers, and there is no space we can’t handle.

It is of the utmost importance to our business ethics that we follow strict environmental sustainability laws in the state of Texas. It goes without saying that we are already on the winning side of sustainable businesses practices because our product is by its very nature, sustainable.

We Save Water and Reduce Dangerous Chemicals

Consider the many ways a synthetic lawn can be sustainable. Of course, you will be able to save precious water when you install commercial turf and lawns. In the intense heat of the southwest, roughly 7.8 billion gallons of water is used every day for outdoor use. North Texas Luxury Lawns is a big believer in saving water where we need it the most.

North Texas Luxury Lawns also allows you to reduce the use of dangerous pesticides and fertilizers commonly used to keep real lawns healthy and vibrant. Roughly 70 million pounds of pesticides are used every year in the United States, and these toxic chemicals seep down into our groundwater and contaminate our rivers, lakes, and streams, even those close to residential areas. There is nothing we are more proud of than limiting the number of pesticides in our water. We want our children and our grandchildren to have access to clean water, and so should you.

We are very aware of the polluting effects of gasoline produced in the lawn care industry. Consider that roughly 54 million people mow their lawns each year. That works out to about 800 million gallons of gas per year, representing more than 5% of national urban air pollution. At North Texas Luxury Lawns, we take it as our prerogative to change the consumer habits in the lawn care industry, and that includes gasoline usage. For this reason, our lawns require no gasoline or lawn mowers for maintenance.

Keep in mind that your lawn will not break down while you are using it for your commercial property.

Don’t you think your business image would benefit from being involved in the fight for better environmental sustainability business practices in America? All of your customers will greatly appreciate that you are doing your part for the environment.

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So pick up the phone and call 972-412-6569 for a free quote from North Texas Luxury Lawns, and you will never have to worry about maintaining your commercial turf again. We offer a wide variety of products to suit any landscaping needs, and our experts will be happy to meet and discuss options with you.

There is every reason to believe that North Texas Luxury Lawns is the only contact you need to make to improve your commercial property today. With over 30 commercial clients in the Dallas area, we are your synthetic lawn authority that will save you money, make your property look more stunning, and seem more professional. We give you the opportunity to work with the most environmentally sustainable business in the synthetic lawn care industry. Take a look through our online gallery to get an idea of the variety and quality that we offer. North Texas Luxury Lawns looks forward to hearing from you.