Artificial Grass: Be Rid of Chemicals and Eliminate Water Usage

In a world of Natural struggle, homeowners tend to waste water on their lawns and spray pesticides.  Excessive usage damages the grass and surrounding ecosystem, causing difficulties with a healthy yard. Artificial grass makes for a good substitute for environmental efforts. North Texas Luxury Lawns is proficient in producing turf and knowing how to add this substance to both residential and commercial areas. 

Artificial Grass: Be Rid of Chemicals and Eliminate Water Usage


Lawn pesticides are dangerous for wildlife and pets.  Also, they are not safe for children while playing in their outdoor surroundings. Furthermore, pesticides are present in the air, soil, and even drinking water. It is possible to absorb the spray through the skin, and orifices such as the eyes.

About 80 million pounds of these chemicals are used on lawns in the United States each year. Herbicides are carcinogens, which disrupt the immune and nervous systems. In 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began plans to test for contamination of food. Ultimately, using pesticides comes with an awareness of not protecting the environment. 


It is always better when water is not used excessively to keep a lawn fresh. Artificial grass remains a bright shade of green, which appeals to the eye like natural grass. Wasting water is careless–considering artificial grass is highly important. Some ways to conserve water are not using much at all, except for cool periods of the day in natural grassy spots. Avoid putting on sprinklers to tend to the garden. 

In the coming decades, the US population may experience a high shortage of water. Everyone should be mindful and switch to a turf state of mind. This will allow for a healthier world.

We can help maintain your outdoor space with an environmental outlook. Contact us for an installation today.

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