Top Three Reasons for Investing in Athletic Turf

With hundreds of sports field turf installations presently underway around the United States, it’s apparent that their popularity is increasing. As more players grow up playing on turf fields, the surface preference is rapidly evolving. Is an athletic turf field the optimal playground surface? The following are the top three reasons to consider getting one.

Top Three Reasons for Investing in Athletic Turf

1. Safety

Apart from being simple to maintain, turf on athletic fields has a specific benefit for athletes: it provides superior and increased safety. Not only are there fewer recorded injury instances on turf fields, but there are also cleats made expressly for use on these surfaces, reducing the likelihood of an injury occurring. Additionally, bodily jolting is lessened upon collision, particularly when the turf is well placed.

2. Play continuously

Nobody enjoys having a practice or game canceled due to mud spots and filth or even having to play on a worn-out field. Due to its resistance to inclement weather, this athletic turf will primarily drain excess water from the field. Unlike natural grass, where a single heavy downpour might ruin maintenance personnel’s labor, turf fields provide a greater possibility for events to continue. Regardless of the quantity of rainfall, a grass field may always be used after the rain stops.

3. Durability

If you’re in a dilemma about investing in an athletic turf field due to the installation fees, you may want to rethink. You need to evaluate the installation expenses against the product’s durability and maintenance requirements. You may be certain that you will not need to replace a new turf field for the following five years or more. You also won’t have to bother about maintaining your field by watering it or purchasing fertilizers. These types of fields are environmentally friendly since they do not need chemicals and allow for water conservation.

With characteristics like longevity, pest and disease resistance, and simplicity of maintenance, athletic turf field installation is the ideal option for year-round athlete performance. Contact us for more information about field turf installation.

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