3 Ways You Can Customize Your Lawn with Artificial Grass

If you or your organization have ever thought of using an artificial lawn, you may have wondered what benefits they provide. In addition to requiring no watering, maintenance, and fibers with UV protection, artificial grass can also be customized for a variety of uses. Here are 3 ways you can use artificial grass to customize your lawn.

3 Ways You Can Customize Your Lawn with Artificial Grass

1. Corporate Logos

If you’re looking for a way to brand the front of your building, consider getting your business logo on turf. This can be used in a decorative way without needing maintenance. Even if you just have a small grassy area, it can be improved with a custom design. Artificial grass designs look great year-round and will help customers clearly identify your business.

2. Sports and Playground Turf

If you want a field that’s always perfectly cut with visible field markings and lines, artificial grass can make it a reality. Artificial lawns also drain better than grass, making it a great option for your sports field. Turf can also be used for indoor soccer fields and playgrounds. The best part? You’re not tied down to one color option like with traditional grass. Make your playground unique by picking a fun color that will get kids excited.

3. Custom Front Lawns

Custom artificial lawns aren’t just reserved for company projects, many homeowners have also opted for custom turf designs. Broadcast your allegiance to your sports team by getting their logo on your front lawn! With an artificial lawn, your logo will look vibrant and maintained all year long. Artificial turf is a great option for family homes too, as it is child and pet safe.

If you’re considering one of these custom options or want to see what else we can do for your lawn, contact us today to get a free quote. North Texas Luxury Lawns is here to help customize your lawn today!

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