Is Your Artificial Grass Giving Off a Dog Pee Smell?

In the US, the American Veterinary Medical Association reported there were 38.4 percent of households with a dog in 2017 and 2018, compared to 25.4 percent of cat owners. As a result, pet care facilities have more dogs in residence than other types of pets. These kingpins of the pet pens are bound to make a mess if they urinate by accident on artificial grass. Find out how to maintain artificial turf that smells a bit too much like dog wee.

Is Your Artificial Grass Giving Off a Dog Pee Smell?

Best Cleaner for Artificial Grass With Dogs

Cleaning dog urine from artificial turf is a different ballgame than other messes and spills. You must use a cleaner that is safe for dogs and is nontoxic. Choose a cleaning system that removes the urine, as well as any lingering odor.

Why Cleaning Dog Urine is Important

There are several reasons why you want to remove pet urine from the grass. Once the urine is dry, the smell will soak into the grass if it is not cleaned up properly. This can damage the integrity of the artificial turf. As the urine seeps into the turf, when the sun heats it up or with heavy foot traffic, the smell will intensify.

Also, nobody likes to smell old dog pee. Ultimately, cleaning dog urine from artificial grass extends how long turf lasts. This saves you time and money on replacing and repairing turf.

Using OxyTurf Dog Urine Odor Remover

We recommend using OxyTurf for a dog urine smell remover. OxyTurf Products are all-natural and bleach-free, making them safe for pets and humans. By cleaning dog urine with a professional cleaner and disinfectant, you are certain to get the job done right.

Choose Our Artificial Grass Services

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