Celina Artificial Grass Installation

Synthetic Turf in Celina, Texas

Why choose North Texas Luxury Lawns for your Celina artificial grass installation?  Quality, value and service. The team at North Texas Luxury Lawns is committed to providing the highest level of customer service in the industry. Respect in the synthetic lawn business is something you must earn, and we strive to earn your trust and respect from the moment we meet you until the last little bit of clean up is done.

Residential Artificial Grass in Celina

Residential artificial turf is extremely pleasing to the eye and can add an effortless touch of luxury landscape to your property that looks and feels the same all year round. No more worrying about your yard becoming soggy and muddy with too much rain, or crispy and brown during a hot, dry summer. Entertaining is worry-free, and your weekends are yours again. Say goodbye to your lawn care company, high water bills, and muddy paw prints tracked into the house. With minimal maintenance, you can enjoy up to 20 years of beautiful green, weed-free lawns. And, of course, if you want that putting green, North Texas Luxury Lawns can help with that, too!

North Texas Luxury Lawns not only provides you with a beautiful solution for your lawn but our luxury turf products offer you the unique opportunity of having a putting green right in your backyard. This will not only add a wonderful focal point to any backyard, but will also afford you the opportunity of getting in some much needed relaxation after a hard day’s work in the convenience of your own garden.

Celina Commercial Turf InstallationCelina Commercial Turf Installation

North Texas Luxury Lawns is in the business of installing luxury turf to your commercial business property. Our signature commercial turf lawns are tremendously popular because our expert services are not only high-quality but beneficial for your business. We offer a wide variety of lawn options, then we measure and install according to your specifications. Once your new commercial lawn has been laid down, there is very little maintenance work required.

Golf & Putting Green Installation in Celina

Our artificial turf is an ideal solution for golf and home putting greens. Globally recognized as the standard for athletic fields and artificial golf turf, North Texas Luxury Lawns knows that their turf field demonstrates unmatched resiliency and impressive longevity. It can take severe abuse from the strongest, heaviest, and most competitive athletes on the planet and come out on the other side unscathed. When compared other ground surface products, there are several advantages to using synthetic turf.

Celina Athletic TurfCelina Athletic Turf

Our vast portfolio of sports turf, football field turf, indoor soccer turf and playground turf demonstrates the quality of workmanship and expertise that goes into every athletic field turf installation. Many companies show “stock photos” on their website and claim to do artificial athletic field turf installations, but do they have references? Can they show you an actual job site and verify that they performed the work? We can and we will.

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Whether you need a lawn, dog run, play area or putting green in North Texas, artificial grass is your best choice and we can help you with them all. Click here to request a quote or learn more about our artificial grass products!