Why Is Artificial Grass Good for Pets?

When imagining their dream lawns, most people picture neatly manicured, lush green grass. However, natural grass has high maintenance requirements and needs a lot of water. If you are interested in a low-maintenance lawn that is green all year round, consider artificial grass. Artificial grass offers a broad range of benefits, especially for pet owners. Below are some of the main reasons artificial grass is good for pets.

Why Is Artificial Grass Good for Pets?

Easy Cleaning

Pets love playing outside. They enjoy running around in the yard and often use it as their washroom. One of the significant benefits of artificial grass is easy cleaning. Even when your dog and cat pee on artificial grass, you can easily hose it down to eliminate the liquid waste. Artificial grass has a short pile height that makes it easy to spot and pick up solid waste for safe disposal.

No Mud

Although it may be fun to watch your pets playing and digging around in the dirt, cleaning up paw prints after playtime is not a pleasant experience. Artificial grass eliminates the chance of mud on your lawn so your pet can explore without getting muddy.

Say Goodbye to Bugs and Pests

Pests and bugs thrive in damp soil, while some feed on the long blades of natural grass. On the other hand, artificial grass deters pests such as ticks and fleas, saving you frequent trips to the vet.

Synthetic Lawns are Durable

Synthetic turf can tolerate exposure to the elements and withstand your pets’ rough play. Does your dog like digging up the lawn? Artificial grass is durable and dig-proof.


Artificial turf feels soft and is inviting for your pets. It eliminates the chance of ugly, dry brown spots during drought and keeps off prickly weeds and rough grass patches.

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