Introducing OxyTurf – Cleaner and Deodorizer For Synthetic Turf Surfaces

The team at North Texas Luxury Lawns is excited to announce the arrival of OxyTurf to their lineup of artificial turf products. OxyTurf is a powerful all-in-one cleaner, deodorizer, and disinfectant designed specifically for use on synthetic grass and turf surfaces. OxyTurf is exclusively available in the North Texas region through North Texas Luxury Lawns and combines tough cleaning ability with the refreshing scent of natural grass in an EPA registered product, meaning you can count on OxyTurf to be safe and effective in a variety of applications.

Introducing OxyTurf - Cleaner and Deodorizer For Synthetic Turf Surfaces

How to Use OxyTurf

Along with being safe and compatible with synthetic grass surfaces, OxyTurf can also be used on equipment and high-use touch zones in backyards, sporting fields, playgrounds, or any other recreational surface. OxyTurf comes in a variety of containers, including hand-held spray bottles, 4-gallon backpack sprayers, and commercial-sized drums and totes. OxyTurf is applied as a spray for general disinfectant and smell elimination, but can also be used as a spot cleaner for messes left by spills, pets, or any other dense staining/soiling such as grease or grime.

The OxyTurf Product

OxyTurf is a hydrogen peroxide-based solution which means it provides a stable, well-known cleaning agent with predictable and safe results. This also means that as a non-acid cleaner, OxyTurf can be trusted to be non-abrasive on all surfaces. As the only product on the market specifically designed for use on synthetic grass, OxyTurf built their product to ensure that odors and stains are not just masked, but eliminated. OxyTurf is being  trusted across the nation as a one-step solution for cleaning needs of any size and is now available for retail purchase and use through our local store.

OxyTurf – Now Available At North Texas Luxury Lawns

North Texas Luxury Lawns is the area’s exclusive reseller of OxyTurf products and is ready to take orders for residential and commercial product needs. Contact us today to get your order started, and be sure to check out our line of professional grade turf solutions by clicking here. More info on OxyTurf can be found directly at their website or on Facebook.

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